Welcome to Embody Active


Hi everyone

I’m Ally, the new, proud and very excited owner of Embody ACTIVE.

I am a hard worker, mother of two, ultra-marathon runner and cancer survivor who could not be more over the moon about taking on this amazing business.

For me, this is a wish come true…  I have dreamt about this moment for years, and here I am pinching myself.

From diagnosis in April 2016 it felt for a time that life was in a “holding pattern” of treatments and recovery. Of course, it wasn’t, I was working every minute toward renewed health and vitality and now, stronger than ever, I am completely ready to mark my foot print on the world.

Working in the health and fitness industry myself and being an exercise enthusiast, I know how important it is to look stylish in your active-wear, but most of all, feel truly comfortable.

So, my focus: to create stylish, comfortable clothing that you go to, day in and day out, looking great.

Embody ACTIVE is something I will work on continuously to ensure that you are buying top quality active clothing, that you can take from sunrise to sunset and everywhere in between.

There will be great new designs and creations to come, so keep an eye on my website.

Any feedback from previous orders or things that you would like to see in the future, please post, PM or email me your ideas.

Lastly, I want to Thank Jade and Sandy, the previous owners of Embody ACTIVE, for their support and encouragement throughout this transition. They have been amazing.

Here’s to new beginnings!